Do you Read Food Labels ?

Do you Read Food Labels ?


This is a short  post since the meat of my article is at the “Daily Dish.” My second guest post in a row ( been my week for guest posting I think ) and  I am super thrilled to be guest posting at the ” Daily Dish.” A Great recipe site where they actually dish out one recipe a day !  The vibrant and creative author of this blog Nicole is also a Top Notch moderator on Triberr  : the fastest growing social media community which I am proud to be a part of.

My post in on reading food labels. It  gives you some  easy tips on doing a quick scan through Food labels using a simple rule called the 5 and 20 rule. If you like to spend less time grocery shopping and get the Biggest Bang for your Buck,  you may want to check out my article at the Daily Dish. Title of my post is : Shop Smart by using the 5 & 20 Rule to Read Food Labels  Check out these pictures to get a sneak peek at what is in my article.




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