Smoothie Central: For The Jazziest Nutrient Spiked Recipes Ever !

Smoothie Central: For The Jazziest Nutrient Spiked Recipes Ever !




I am super excited to launch a new page on my blog called ‘ Smoothie Central‘. For a few months I have had requests from my clients for healthy smoothies that taste good. I consider myself the queen of smoothies!! Bragging rights :  My family who are my greatest critics think I make the best smoothies and I make them all the time. My smoothies are usually just thrown together with anything that’s reasonably healthy so I have not blogged too many recipes.  In the quest for refreshing new recipes, I put out a request  on my two foodie tribes on triberr  and I got so many. They were all so delish and healthy that I had to use them. So now ” Smoothie Central” with the yummiest, nutrient packed, smoothies is now open thanks to my awesome tribemates. I have about 30 recipes right now and will be adding more soon and hoping to blog some more of my own too. Whether you’re craving  a healthy green tea spiked smoothie , a tropical mango ginger smoothie, a peppermint mocha or a purple people pleaser spiked with chia seeds…. they’re all there. Just to give you a sample of the yummyliciuos smoothies I have at Smoothie Central I have 9 here for you to sample. If you want more, please visit ‘ Smoothie Central ‘ ! You won’t want to miss this 😉 If you want some tips on setting up a smoothie friendly kitchen you should read this !

For more awesome smoothie recipes, visit Smoothie Central !!

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