Heart Healthy Hummus with Walnuts & Sesame Seeds





A-Z blogging challenge and am blogging letter H ! Note : Ahem !! I have 3 H’s  in the title :). Hummus is  a favorite dip in our home. I have to make  a batch every week . Teamed with homemade pita chips it’s the perfect after school snack . I consider hummus  a heart healthy dish since it had olive oil, chick peas and tahini paste. I wanted to boost the heart healthy benefits by adding some walnut meal to it.  I tried it on my guinea pig family of course and  it tasted great and blended right into the dip. They loved this tweaked version.


Nutrition Nuts and Bolts about the Key Ingredients:




Chick peas – Loaded with fiber and antioxidants , these lentils are low GI ( Glycemic index) and full of vegan protein.

Olive oil –delivers a good dose of heart healthy Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFA) , Omega 3,  powerful antioxidants and polyphenols. The  extra virgin variety has the highest heart healthy benefits so use that.

Almond Milk – Good source of calcium and Vitamin D especially for those lactose intolerant folks. Added bonus is you get a good dose of vitamin E and it tastes quite delish.

Garlic – Powerful antioxidant with antibiotic & antiseptic properties. Has heart healthy benefits as well, especially when eaten raw. Hummus is  a good way to mask the strong pungent odour and flavor of raw garlic.

Walnuts : A rich source of the omega-3 fat and  alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) which improve artery function after a high fat meal , hence are a heart’s best friend! They are also high in fiber.

Sesame seeds : High in Vitamin E and calcium. They are the base of tahini paste.




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