Lite Mango Coconut Ice Cream with Berry Ginger Topping #SundaySupper


It’s Memorial Day weekend and my Sunday Supper team is going with “favorite’ Memorial Day recipes. We usually ‘cook out’ and barbecue on this holiday and one of my favorite dishes that I HAVE to make is Mango coconut ice-cream. Ripe luscious mango blended with coconut milk and brown sugar is all you need for this elegant, easy to make delish ice-cream. Top it with a berry ginger glaze and it becomes a dessert to die for. The combination is heady and the glaze transforms a simple mango ice cream into a gourmet dessert! Mmmm warm glaze melts the ice-cream and it just melts in your mouth. You have to use canned coconut milk to get the rich creamy texture. If you are using coconut milk out of a carton I suggest blending in some coconut milk powder or non dairy cool whip to get the creamy ice -cream texture. I have tried this recipe with coconut milk that comes out a carton and it becomes more like a sorbet. Less creamy – which is also nice on a warm, summer day. I love using coconut milk and it has become my best friend ever since I heard about its health benefits. To read my post on why I love coconut milk, click here. When it comes to ice cream, I like to keep it simple. If I cannot understand the ingredients on the food label I usually pass. This 3 ingredient ice-cream is also vegan and diary free. Substitute the brown sugar with agave nectar to make it diabetic friendly.


Mango Coconut Ice Cream with Berry Ginger Glaze






Hope you like my simple easy to make 3 ingredient ‘All Natural’ ice cream.  Do you make your own ice cream ?  Would love to hear your favorite recipe 🙂


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  1. Shelley says:

    Ooh ! Delish ! Love mangoes and coconut milk and so simple to make. Will make tomorrow I think and love the glaze ! Thanks for sharing

  2. Mmm what ‘s not to love about mangoes ???? Going to get the ingredients & make it. Specially like that it’s dairy free ( perfect for my kid ) Thanks ! Difficult to find dairy free ice creams that taste yumm. Please share some more dairy free recipes Sue 🙂

    • Sunithi Selvaraj, RD says:

      Glad you like it ! Made a berry one few days back too and it was yumm ! Will be sharing that berry one soon ! Let me know how it comes out !

  3. Ah ! Mango, my favorite fruit …. will try these. Love the healthy option too ! Wondering if I can add some lemon to it or mint ? Great recipe !

    • Sunithi Selvaraj, RD says:

      Oh yes ! Add the lemon and mint should taste really nice with mango ice cream ! let me know how it comes out with the addition 🙂

  4. Three months after we started dating, Brad took me to Hawaii for a week. I know, I know! His sister lived on Maui with her husband and new baby, so we sort of had to go meet the little man (now one of my beloved nephews and big brother to this girl). I was still in the Who is … After reading this article about BPA-free brands, we feel fairly comfortable with Trader Joe’s Light Coconut Milk although we wish they carried a full-fat version.

  5. nice post.. thanks for sharing.. i thinks this is delicious ….

  6. Sunithi,
    I made your Lite Mango Coconut Ice Cream with a few variations. It was delicious and creamy. Used coconut powder and diluted it with a little hot water and blended it with a can of evaporated milk and 1/2 cup heavy cream. Blended it with a can of mango pulp, honey and a little brown sugar and churned it in the ice-cream maker.
    Will try it with the berries ginger topping later. The ice cream by itself is very tasty. Thanks for an awesome recipe and the very informative post on using coconuts/milk.

  7. Oh my God! It looks so attractive and delicious. I am waiting to prepare it. Thanks and thanks to share with us, Sunithi.

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