Banish Insomnia With A Sleepytime Cherry Nutmeg Soy Smoothie


I am an Insomniac ! Developed it a few years back… to read why I may have developed insomnia click here . Not being a fan of meds I tried some natural remedies and even wrote a post on natural cures for insomnia. Cherries or cherry juice was one of the foods I mentioned so, when I heard about the sleep-inducing cherry smoothie in the Dr Oz show I was intrigued and tried it. It worked like a charm … slept like a baby! BUT….!!! I made some modifications to the smoothie – added nutmeg and honey, both sleep inducers which make it a stronger, sleep drink and in my opinion a tastier smoothie!  Here is my revamped version… I think it is delish, all natural and gentle enough for kids!



Magic sleep inducing ingredients !

Tart cherries or cherry juice : high in melatonin which  helps control your sleep and wake cycles. It is made by the body and natural melatonin levels slowly drop with age.

Soy Milk : high in tryptophan, the sleep-inducing amino acid. Also has calcium which induces sleep.

Banana : high in magnesium which is a calming mineral.

Honey :contributes to the release of melatonin and has been used for years as a natural sleep aid.

Nutmeg : has the power to soothe and relax muscles and induce sleep.

Put all of these together and you can nod off into sleepyland ! Sweet Dreams!






Hope you liked this sleepytime smoothie ! Do you have any other natural sleeping aids or sleepytime remedies ? Do share !


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  1. diabeticfoodie says:

    This looks so, so good! I just love fresh cherries. If I have this smoothie for breakfast, will I be sleepy all day? 🙂

  2. Yumm ! Will try this ! With cherry juice I think ! looks very pink pretty 🙂

  3. ooh Delish ! Have insomnia too… so will try it out ! Lovely pics !!!!!

  4. Gorgeous !! I want one now ! Great idea. Am usaually hooked on melatonin. Maybe give that a break ! Thanks for sharing sue !

  5. This is the easy way to overcome insomnia. While enjoy the nice taste of beveragge.

  6. This is actually the easy way to overcome insomnia. One of the effective way treating insomnia is through natural way as what this article says at and kill your Insomnia forever.

  7. I am skeptical because sugary smoothies at night tend to keep me awake. However, I am willing to give anything a try. I’ll report back!


  8. Yummy I love cherry .
    Thanks for the beautiful sharing.

  9. it’s all about what you pin your body whatever you bid inside of you depends on your health and how your body behaves.

  10. Will this work without cherries? I can’t get them anywhere in my country.

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