Breast Cancer Protective Foods

Breast Cancer Protective Foods



October is breast cancer awareness month.  A good time to show our support for the cause by participating in activities centered around cancer.  The cause for breast cancer is dear to my heart. I have a history of cancer in my family and a grandma who had breast cancer.  My chances of getting it are probably higher, so if I can delay it or prevent it by eating certain ”  protective foods”   I will.  I like to call these ” Breast Cancer Protective Foods ” !  Like all health conditions cancer can be genetic and some may be more predisposed than others. While I do not believe that food is the answer, I do believe that life style changes including food choices can delay onset and in some cases protect against cancer too. There are a few foods I found which seem to be quite ‘food scientific ‘and all of these are easy to incorporate in our diets. To read what these foods are hop on over to the DC Ladies and read my post entitled  ” Foods That May Protect Against Breast Cancer ”  ! Some of these foods are probably in your pantry ! 


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