Coconut Water Smoothies as Sport Drinks Are The New Black



Cool coconut water blended with some fruit can be a great sports drink. Did you know that?  Yep! You can ditch the Gatorade and other sugary sports drink and get your hydration from all natural coconut water. Nature’s all natural sports drink !  I used Vita Coco coconut water to make my smoothies. To get some awesome recipes for coconut water smoothies and know why exactly coconut water smoothies are the BEST hydrating sports drink you will have to hop on over to  Simply Fahadistic  and read my post titled  “Coconut Water Smoothies Make the Best Sport Drinks

Oh, also am super thrilled to be featured on Simply  Fahadistic’s  ” Ten Most Talented Food Bloggers” !!  Woohoo ! My coconut water fruit smoothies are a part of his “Liquid Friday” series which features fabulous liquids to quench your thirst ! If you’re not following his blog, you should ! It’s got some interesting foodie bites !

Go on !  You won’t be disappointed ! To give you a sneak peek of the fabulous recipes I have concocted,  here are a few pictures. To get the recipes, hop on over and get the coconut meat of my post !




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  1. Congratulations Sue !! If there were only five on the Simply Fadistic’s list, you’d probably be there. You go beyond taste into good health.

  2. Love this idea! And I happen to have some coconut water in the refrig right now.

  3. I’m so excited to see a post with Coconut Water and making it even better. Was that even possible? I cannot wait to try this and I already know I’m going to love it. The best part about the post were the mesmerizing pictures that drew me in and spoke to me, try this, thy this Lisa. LOL!

  4. This really sounds and looks refreshing and amazing! I tried coconut water by itself at the PMA show and didn’t care for it. But I would definitely enjoy it in a smoothie!

  5. There are a lot of websites these days, but yours has really impressed me with its great articles and awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing!

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