Carrot Milk with Fresh Carrot Juice and Coconut Milk

Carrot Milk with Fresh Carrot Juice and Coconut Milk



Carrot Milk! A blend of fresh cold pressed carrot juice and fresh coconut milk  makes a heady, healthy cocktail that is good for you!  Fresh pressed carrot juice is brimming with nutrients and when combined with the healthy fat in coconut milk, gets absorbed better making it twice as potent as plain carrot juice!  I make coconut milk by blending frozen coconut flakes with water in the ratio of 1 cup coconut flakes : 4 cups water. I get a pack of frozen coconut flakes from the Indian store for about $3.00 and I can make about  12 to 14 cups of milk. You can also make it by blending dry coconut flakes with warm water. When you make your own coconut milk, it is  inexpensive, fresh and free from the method of pasteurization that store-bought coconut milk is subjected to.  It tastes really good too and after I started making it, I cannot relish store-bought coconut milk! Another bonus to adding milk to carrot juice is that the combination lowers the Glycemic Index thus making it diabetic friendly! I could go on about the benefits of carrot milk but I will stop here because I need to sleep now and I have some other stuff I want to share. Let just say this is a magic potion for hair, skin, nails, bones, immune system etc! A magic elixir if there ever was one! Try it and let me know how you like it!


Carrot Milk

You can substitute the coconut milk with almond milk or any nut milk if you wish


  • 6- 8 carrots
  • 1/2 cup coconut milk


Juice the carrots
Mix with coconut milk
Drink up !!!


On a personal note: Two big events over the last few days!  One the election, and I’d rather not talk about it.  Just trying not to let  things that are not under my control bother me. It will work itself out!  The other event  I would like to talk about because it was so awesome.  I had the opportunity  of being of a part of ministry called Kairos which is a ministry which goes into prisons and works with incarcerated men and women.  I joined the women’s team! If you think it’s a bunch of ‘holier than thou ‘ women going in to convert the  ‘poor ladies’ and make them repent you got it all wrong!  If I had to describe the program and the 4 days I spent inside  in 4 words it would be lots of ” tissues, love, laughter and cookies”! Yep that’s right!! Lots of cookies unlimited… the real stuff like white chocolate macadamia and gooey chocolate chip!  I probably had about 3 dozen on my 4 day jaunt there! No surprise that my pants wouldn’t fit   on the last day! Don’t judge me for pigging out, I was eating  my meals there so cookies were needed:)! I learnt so many things like how the pretty hair color a lot of women wore was Kool- Aid!  Being a foodie, I was absolutely fascinated at how creative they were  at making cookies, pizza, french fries, orange chicken etc using just a microwave and food from the cafeteria or meals that they didn’t eat! I got so many ideas I  may write a Prison cookbook :)!  Of yeah, I also got a little better at  doing the cupid shuffle :)! Jokes aside I got to meet some amazing women both on my team and inside. A lot of them  were just at the wrong place at the wrong time and could have been you or me. They were all beautiful women. The way some of them kept busy and filled their days with useful things to do had me ashamed at how I manage my day!  It was a fun-filled,  kinda emotional 4 days and at the end it was hard to say good-bye but the memories of  some of those women will forever be in my heart and  although I went to give, I received tenfold. Among other things, I learnt to appreciate all those things that we take for granted like my children, freedom, free time, good food, a loving touch, friends, family and made me look at life with a whole new outlook.  An appreciation for life that will help me bounce back when I begin to stress the small stuff or take my mind of what matters in life! The experience changed my life and I am waiting to go again next year!

On that note I must say this and I hope people reading this will understand! I tend to be affectionate to people I like and I may say  silly things. But if I sense or think ( maybe I am wrong)that my silly ‘friendly stuff’ is being ‘made fun off’ by anyone, not necessarily the people it was intended for, I back off and get a bit sensitive! Oversensitive I guess, but it’s one of my  faults that I am working on. I think wit and sarcasm are good. They liven up an otherwise  boring life but not at the expense of others, esp. people who don’t like it  ( just my opinion, you don’t have to take it) I live with the ‘king of sarcasm’ so you would think I would be used to it by now but na, some of my arguments  with my hubby are when I get an overdose of sarcasm and then of course he says am too sensitive etc. Not complaining, he’s a great guy and just right for me in most ways I guess!  So yeah, trying to overcome the sensitive part and learn to laugh at myself with others who may poke jibes at me but not fully there yet. I hope to get there one day.  I do bounce back quickly but am still a learning progress! I am probably making myself very vulnerable by sharing this but its ok. I believe in being honest and vulnerable, esp about your faults. And yeah I don’t do well with imitation of any sort except if you want to imitate and make my recipes! Now that, you are very welcome to do! Just my 2 cents worth.. you know how they say when you express it, you own it!  So anyways, please excuse my rant and skim over it if you wish but try my carrot milk! That’s good stuff!!

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