Coconut Water Fruit Smoothie ! Mango Madness

Coconut Water Fruit Smoothie ! Mango Madness

Last week was happy hour at Jamba Juice and all their sixteen size smoothies were a dollar between 5.00 and 7.00. I kept going there everyday ( most days) to get my  $1 smoothie. I got totally hooked on their coconut water fruit smoothies. So refreshing ! I grew up on coconut water. My grandma’s home had 9 coconut trees and when we had coconut water, we were drinking it straight from the green coconut with a straw. It was the perfect summer cooler and after we drank the water we would just scoop the tender coconut out and eat it for an extra treat.  Tender coconut meat is soft and thin ( almost like a gel) and tastes yummy. When I visit India I load up on my  tender coconut water and tender coconut meat!!! Can’t wait to visit again next year. Lately the craze for coconut water has become the latest health fad ! Canned and cartons of coconut water are available in department stores. Vita coco is a popular brand that is flooding the supermarket shelves. For this recipe I used real coconut water.  I am taking the October Unprocessed Challenge, so I am trying to use natural products.  I will use the coconut meat in a curry or dish so it won’t go waste.  Ideally I would have liked the tender green coconut that I used to drink, but since I am not sure where to get that I just used a mature coconut. If using a real coconut intimidates you, use Vita coco or any other comparable brand. I made mango smoothies with just a hint of ginger, but I will be experimenting with other fruit soon 🙂 !


Costing it out ! 

I paid $1 for the coconut and since I will be using the coconut meat in other foods, I am going to say it’s 50 cents. Add another 50 cents for the fresh fruit and you have your coconut fruit smoothie for a dollar. Not bad !!

Nutrition Wise !

Coconut water is loaded with hydrating electrolytes which make it an ideal sports drink. It is low in calories and fat. Loaded with potassium  and low in sodium it’s a great drink for people who have blood pressure. A lot of people don’t like to drink it plain which is why blending it with some fruit is perfect ! Makes it a sweet and healthy treat ! Mangoes are loaded with vitamin A , C and fiber. Combine the two together and you have a tropical treat that will have you thinking you are in the Bahamas !!!


Mango Coconut Water Smoothie

Serves 1
Dietary Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian
Meal type Beverage, Snack
Misc Child Friendly, Pre-preparable, Serve Cold


  • 1/2 cup coconut water
  • 1 cup mango (peeled and chopped)
  • 1/4 teaspoon ginger (grated or pureed or powder)


Use fresh coconut water or coconut water from a carton.  Add more if you want a thinner smoothie ! This refreshing drink is loaded with electrolytes and other good stuff !


Peel and chop mangoes. Grate ginger.
Blend together with 1/2 cup coconut water for a refreshing drink. Garnish with mint !

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18 thoughts on “Coconut Water Fruit Smoothie ! Mango Madness”

  • My husband will love this. He’s a coconut fanatic!
    I would love to see some recipes that make use of coconut oil. I’m trying to fit as much as possible into our diet but it’s hard to think of ways. Any tips in future posts would be greatly appreciated.

    • I use coconut milk, coconut meat, coconut oil and now the water in so many recipes…. am thinking of creating a category for it. Check back after weekend, will have a drop down category under recipes called coconut cooking 🙂

  • Woo hooo ! ! beautiful ! Knew I could depend on you for cheap coconut water smoothies ! yummmmmmmmmm. Gonna make some.

  • Neat ! How’d you break a coconut ? My new sports drink I think. Don’t like it plain, but mixed with fruit will probably work. Looks great !

    • Take a strong big knife & hit the coconut all around. It will crack, quickly collect the water and then continue to apply pressure with the knife till it breaks open ! Easy 🙂 Glad you like my concoctions 🙂

        • I grew up with coconut trees and we didn’t have the latest gadgets 🙂 I can also crack walnuts with my teeth & open bottles of bottled drinks with my teeth.

  • You know how much Indians love their mangoes!Sadly,they are out of season now,but hey,we have a few in the refrigerator – father got them,I believe they must be imported since can’t be grown in this season here.
    Lovely smoothie!I may give it a shot! 🙂
    Oh,and I visited Jamba Juice’s site,they do Frozen Yogurt too! =Drooling= Now that is not healthy,is it? 😉

  • You can get young coconuts at an Asian grocery. Our food co-op has them now, too, but the Asian grocery’s price is better. You did very well getting the mature coconut for a buck: the best I’ve paid for the young coconuts is $1.50. Your smoothie looks like one I would love! I’m glad to have found your blog today, nice to see one with good information about nutrition.

  • Coconut water is composed of many naturally occurring bioactive enzymes such as acid phosphatase, catalase, dehydrogenase, diastase, peroxidase, RNA-polymerases etc. In effect, these enzymes help in the digestion and metabolism. Coconut water doesn’t contain fat, so people often prefer to consume that on a daily basis as opposed to the milk.

  • Coconut water has a thermogenic effect on the body, this means it helps to speed up our metabolism. Many studies have shown that the antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity of Coconut Water may help with a number of minor to severe health conditions. Coconut water is very beneficial after a bout of diarrhea, as it replaces fluid loss. Coconut water is composed of many naturally occurring bioactive enzymes such as acid phosphatase, catalase, dehydrogenase, diastase, peroxidase, RNA-polymerases etc.

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