Juicing Benefits & Some Nutritious Juice Combos To Energize Your Day !




Juicing  Benefits!!

A – Z  Blogging Challenge and am blogging the letter J.  I love juicing so naturally chose it for my J 🙂 I got into juicing a few years back and although I am not too consistent with it these days due to my busy schedule I see huge juicing benefits when I do juice.  A refreshing all natural glass of  fruit and veggie juice is a great ‘pick me up’ and energy booster. I can rant endlessly about juicing, but am just going to just give you some tips,  get into some juicing benefits and then give you some of my tried and tested juice combos which are delish !

Tips On juicing

Use a  juicer with a large feeder. Makes clean up a breeze and much easier to juice. With large feeders , there is no need to cut up apples and carrots etc. Costco had a good one “Jack Lalanne juicer“$ 100.00.

Feed water through juicer after you juice. This will keep the passage clear and prevent clogs. Makes cleaning easier too.

Buy organic carrots if possible. You don’t need to peel them. Just wash and feed them though.

Keep your juicer on your counter top, so you don’t have to assemble and disassemble every time you juice 🙂

Juicing  Benefits

Get a fresh healthy dose of antioxidants and vitamins in a yummy glass. Nutrients from juices are easily absorbed by the body. Easily broken down and it requires very little energy to process them.

Detox : Juicing contains macrobiotic elements which work to cleanse your cells and keep them younger and healthier.

Build Immune function : Fresh juices have  the ability to help the body heal and build up its immune system.  There are countless juices from fruits and vegetables which can contribute to helping heal the body, many of which are even more effective when taken together. Juices are non pasteurized and thus have live enzymes that bottled juice does not have.

Weight Loss : This is due mainly to the fact that juicing makes your body alkaline thus priming it for wt loss. I have tweaked version of the alkaline diet which never fails to help me lose weight.

Skin, Hair health :  Juicing can provide improvement in many skin conditions such as eczema, skin eruptions, dryness, oiliness and susceptibility to sunburns. Hair often grows thicker, stronger and more lustrous. A positively delish de- ager if you ask me.

To summarise, people often report that when they change their diet to include plenty of live juices,  they start feeling better, lighter, experience more energy,  sleep better, have less brain fog  and fewer headaches due to the detoxification.

I am not an extremist in that I recommend just living on juices, but I have seen the benefits of adding even one glass of fresh juice to my family’ s diet.  It is difficult to make this  happen and I find myself falling short in my resolution  often, but when I do make it, they lap it down. Hope my Juicing tips make juicing easier 🙂

Some tried and true Juicing Combos

Kid friendly: My Kids love these combos !

Carrot + Apple    : Boost of Vitamin A & C

Watermelon + Carrots + Tomatoes   : Big Boost of Lycopene, Vitamin A and C in a delish glass. Juice the watermelon as close to the rind as possible  to get the most nutrients. Read about the benefits of watermelon here .

Pineapple + Oranges + Apples :  Good source of bromelan, vitamin C and pectin . Great digestive juice especially when your kids have the tummy ache.

My favorite Combos

Cucumber  + Celery + Aloe Vera Juice + Parsley  : Great detox, Diuretic and blood purifier. Also a great way to end the day since celery is a natural sleep inducer. Caution : take this at-least one hr before sleeping.

Grapefruit + Beets + Ginger : Blood purifier loaded with Vitamin C and A.

Carrots + Apples + Ginger  : Healthy dose of A, C and a great pick me for the day.

Spinach + Lemon + Apples + Celery : Alkaline Combo that tastes Yumm !

Celery + Apple + Ginger : Simple combo that gets water retention out ! I make this the most !! Yummy too !

I can go on about my favorite juicy combos, but will stop. If you have some favorite juice combos, do share 🙂  You can also mix fresh juices with whole fruit and make delish smoothies.

Hope you found this post useful. Just writing about it makes me want to juice more. To read more in my A- Z  Blogging challenge, click here and check back tomorrow to read my post on the letter  K.  Blogging Kheer, a fabulous rice pudding with fruits, nuts and coconut milk which is super easy to make. I have a healthy version of it which I am quite excited to share.




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  1. Thanks for this post. I'm going to get. My juicer out today!

    • Yay ! me too. Just gorged over Vacay and need to detox. So starting tomorrow 🙂 All the best with juiciiiiing 🙂

  2. I love juicing 🙂 bought my first juicer when I read Clean by dr. Junger. I'm saving up for a masticating juicer, and so happy that I've turned many of my friends into juice lovers. My favorite juice is carrot-beet-apple-celery-lime-ginger. So good!

  3. Ginger is probably the #1 taste changing ingredient for juicing. Add it to any juice blend you make and it'll instantly be spicy and invigorating. One thing though, try to juice more vegetables instead of fruits. The high fructose content from citrus or other sweet fruits isn't that good for health, especially if you drink 2 or 3 cups a day! 🙂

  4. This is what I’m looking for! Some juicing blogs to help me with my juicing session. thanks! happy juicing everyone and let’s stay healthy naturally!

  5. Really nice recipes. My kids love combos as well – they are big fans.

  6. Jag föredrar att supera mina gojibär i müslin, i kinamaten, naturella som godis eller lyxa åt det med chokladdoppade till bion.

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  8. Thanks for the good post, and the recipes those are going to be used quite a bit

  9. Hello Sunithi, Thanks for your thoughts you have shared with us. I like to have juice in my daily routine. Juice is very helpful especially in summer season.It improves our immune system. My favorite combo is carrot+beets.Try it, may be you will also like it.

  10. It’s a great post for those who didn’t care about the health benefits of fresh juice! Undoubtedly, there are lots of benefits of having juice.


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