Digging up the Dirt and Good Earth on Coffee

Digging up the Dirt and Good Earth on Coffee
One of my tribe members from Triberr reminded me that it’s ” National Coffee Week” so of course I could not pass up the chance to “Dig up some Dirt“and “Good Earth” on Coffee. Am not big into Coffee since it gets me hyper energetic ( I can’t sleep)  and I do not like the decaff version, but “The Man” in my home loves it so we do have the heavenly aroma of Coffee wafting around the home and  I absolutely love that !

Latest research actually says coffee in moderation ( up to 2-3) cups a day is  good for you.
Here are some research based Facts:

  • Coffee drinkers are less likely to have Type2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Dementia, Heart problems, and certain types of cancers and a lower risk of stroke in women( source Web MD  Sept 2011)
  • Coffee is  high in antioxidants – nutrients that help prevent damage caused by free radicals .
  •  It is also high in minerals such as magnesium and chromium( a nutrient related to diabetes) may be responsible for the lower recurrence of diabetes.
  • It brings about increased alertness – well known stimulant known to increase alertness

These benefits are not related to caffeine so it’s safe to say you would be getting the same benefits with the De – Caff version as well.  Soft drinks and other products contain caffeine too, but since this post is on COFFEE …am not going to analyse that.



Drawbacks ( usually associated with excessive consumption)

  • Mild diuretic – head to the bathroom more.
  • Contains acids that can make heartburn worse.
  • Too many cups can make you jittery( has the effect of  keeping me up till 2.am cleaning or baking )
  • Weight Gain – if you have your coffee loaded with cream and sugar and ‘have’ to have more than 6 cups  a day of the cream laden stuff.
  • Infertility – excessive consumption can cause infertility in certain individuals who are sensitive to it and studies have shown excessive coffee during pregnancy can lead to low birth weight infants. It may be a good idea to restrict to 1 or 2 cups when you plan to get pregnant.
  • Osteoporosis-  excessive intake interferes with absorption of nutrients by bones. However adding extra milk to your coffee can lessen this.

With both the benefits and the drawbacks we could conclude that Moderation is the key here. Just like how you can have your cake and eat it too you can have your  coffee and drink it too ….. so indulge in 2-3 cups … for what would life be without our  Mochas, Lattes , Decaff and more !

Here is the breakdown of caffeine in coffee, with variations on the amount, depending on the method of preparation etc.

ENJOY Coffee week 
For some’ Awesome” Low fat Coffee desserts and Coffee Shakes check back on Friday.

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