Defy Gravity ! Easy Tips To Boost Your Metabolism

Defy Gravity ! Easy Tips To Boost Your Metabolism


This is a short and sweet post since the meat of my post is over at the Golden Butterflyz . The Blog author Miriam Thompson is a fellow health blogger like myself and I enjoy reading her blog. I revamped on of my favorite older posts on boosting metabolism. Ever wish you had the metabolism you had in your twenties where you could eat anything you wanted and not gain an inch ? I do ! Sadly as each decade passes, it just seems like every extra morsel I eat seems to deposit itself on some part of my person. Wish there were some  magic beans or a convenient pill to take care of that. None at the moment,  but there are some easy to follow tips that I follow myself that can give your metabolism a gentle boost and help you burn more fat. If you want some super simple ‘easy to follow tips’  hop on over to the  Golden Butterflyz  and read my post titled “ Give your Metabolism a Boost with these Easy Tips !  “ 

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