You CAN Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!


This is  a short and sweet post since the meat of my post is over at the Blended Family Blog   titled   Beat Holiday Weight Gain with these Sneaky Tips ‘  I am super thrilled to be guest posting there! The author Daniel Ruyter ( one of my favorite Daddy bloggers )  is a Blogging Giant with Four Killer blogs. He is also ‘Part Brain’ behind my new beautiful Word Press site. .. helped me move my blog successfully from blogger and helped design some of the Bells and Whistles I wanted. If you have any Word Press  queries or “To Do’s ” you should check with him here.

This post is great for you if you are like me and LOVE to eat well around the holidays. Yes ! You can splurge and not gain as much weight. No magic beans or pills 😉 Just some tried and tested tips ! If you want to read  how to ” Beat Holiday Weight Gain with these Sneaky tips ” hop on over to the Blended Family Blog and read my post.  I promise , you will thank yourself for it 🙂 !  Have a great Holiday season !


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  1. Thank you for this one.

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