Make Your Own Vitamin & Mineral Water !

Make Your Own Vitamin & Mineral Water !

Summer is right around the corner and you need to ‘drink up’ . Basking outdoors in the sun can be heavenly, but body gets easily depleted of fluids. A great way to get fluids into your system is Vitamin/Mineral water. I personally don’t care too much for the store brand varieties. They taste a little artificial and I don’t  like the sweeteners added to them. So last summer I resorted to making my own natural fresh fruit and herb flavored Vitamin water. It tasted great !! Kids loved it too  and everyone was drinking more fluids.  Not to mention it’s lower calorie than fruit juice and other drinks. It can also be used during a detox. The nicest part about making your own at home means you can personalize it. Craving a minty cucumber ‘spa like’  water or a tangy citrusy Vitamin C water?  You can make it for a fraction of the cost ! Shelf life is about 48 hrs, so make a pitcher and Drink UP !

Easy Steps to making your own Vitamin Mineral Water



1) Use distilled or purified water. You can use the pur filter on your tap, any other filtration system you may have or bottled water.

2 )Add in your favorite Add ons.  Here are some options.

You can stir in some dried or fresh herbs like mint, rosemary, chamomile or lavender. Use 2 tbsp / quart. Tie it in a thin muslin bag or put in a stainless steel tea ball or just drop it in. I like fresh herbs and leaves just soaking in my water.

You can add fresh fruit or vegetables like orange slices, lemon slices, peaches, berries, apple, pineapple, cucumber, celery, ginger etc. Be creative. Mix and match. Use about 1 -2 cups of fruit or vegetable / quart.  Put into a pitcher  and steep overnight in the fridge to let the flavors mingle and mix.

You can mix and match herbs with fruit/ veggie slices if you like. Some of my favorite combos are :

Mint+ Cucumber + Green Apple

Lavender + Blueberries

Mixed berries + Mint

Pineapple + Mint + Ginger

Orange +Lemon + Tangerine slices + Ginger

3 ) Strain the liquid in the morning in a clear glass. Use a strainer if you want or just pour the water into a glass or bottle for delish all natural Vitamin and Mineral water. I like to have some fruit still floating in when I drink it.

4) If you feel like you can add a squirt of liquid vitamin ( available at health food stores) and or a tsp of powdered or liquid vitamin c. Add this only after you strain the liquid. Personally I just like the natural vitamins in the fruit and herbs. I do add some liquid Vitamin C in the winter or if I need an extra boost !

5) If you feel you need your vitamin water sweet add some natural sugar or honey. You can also add Agave Nectar or Stevia to make it diabetic friendly !

Add some ice cubes or seltzer water for spritzy vitamin drink that will have you drinking lots of fluid for the sheer pleasure of it ! Mmmm I love all natural Vitamin and Mineral water !


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