Roasted Red Pepper Three Bean Hummus with Olive Oil Butter & Sea Salt


A few weeks ago I was given a oppurtunity to review the new  LAND O LAKES® Olive oil and sea salt butter. It was buttery delicious !  Creamy, easy to cook with and healthy too. I fell in love with it and wanted to create another  healthy buttery recipe. I’ve always wanted to make 3 bean hummus, so decided to substitute the olive oil for the butter and it came out creamy and delish. My best hummus yet!!! What is the advantage of making a three bean hummus? Each bean has a different amino acid and combining beans makes a complete protein. To read more on combining proteins, read my post on ‘Pros and Cons of being Vegan ”  The roasted red peppers adds color and zest! You can either roast red peppers or buy the bottled version. I made a huge batch since I have company  on Saturday, but am not quite sure the hummus will make it through to the weekend. Well, I will just have to whip up a new batch if it is demolished before that. I added some raw garlic and lemon to add some extra pizzaz ! High fiber, heart healthy and super creamy, what’s not to love about this hummus ?




If you like this recipe check out my Wild Raisin & Nut Rice Pilaf made with the same butter.

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  1. Magnolia Days says:

    Oh that hummus looks so good! I need to whip up a batch to snack on over the weekend.

  2. ooh ! Like hummus & this one looks super yummm ! Will make over weekend > Can i use back beans you think ?

  3. Nice twist to the regular humus ! Think I'll buy the red pepper since I prefer easy. Never did win that butter, so guess I have to buy it ;( Thanks for sharing a lovely recipe ! Am drooling over your pics !

    • I used roasted red pepper from a bottle too 😉 Sorry … random drawing went to a person in Chicago. Buy the butter ! It's great for so many things !

  4. Mmmm Delish !! My afmily loves hummus and this looks so inviting ! Thk for a great recipe !

  5. Love this combo & three bean must be so healthy ! Going to get me some butter today and make it ! Have a party to go to. This will be perfect !!!!!

  6. Hey!!! Admiring the time and effort you put into your stuff and detailed information you offer. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. Yummy dishes !! They are calling my name but i am on plan to lose weight so i am leaving these dishes for now

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