The Dirty Dozen ! Produce That Has The Most Pesticide

The Dirty Dozen ! Produce That Has The Most Pesticide


Every year the “Environmental Working Group” brings out  two important  lists called the “Dirty Dozen  and the “Clean Fifteen”.  Foods having the most pesticides and foods having the least pesticide residue on them. Extremely useful information for people like me who don’t want to go organic with all foods. If you are the same, you may want to read my post on ” Going Organic Without Breaking The Bank.”  Foods having high pesticide contamination can be  top priority ” To buy ” organic or you could wash these foods with a Fruit/Veggie wash to remove harmful residue. I have a home-made version of the produce wash using vinegar, baking soda and lemon which costs only a few cents. The fruits and vegetables on “The Dirty Dozen” list, when conventionally grown, tested positive for at least 47 different chemicals, with some testing for more that. Yikes !! Almost like consuming a chemical cocktail !! Whether you’re buying organic or “Washing with the Wash”…. just try to get most of the pesticide off before you eat these goodies !

The Dirty Dozen !!

Check back next week for a list of the Clean 15.




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10 thoughts on “The Dirty Dozen ! Produce That Has The Most Pesticide”

  • Thanks for the list and the recipe! I know first hand about the celery, as the non-organic celery made my mouth numb for nearly 2 days! We eat a lot of those foods on a daily basis, and I just buy organic, it’s worth it to me. Great post, girl.

    • Thanks ! Celery is prolly one of the few veggies I buy organic and carrots too since Costco sells a big bag quite cheap. For the others I just use the veggie wash and buy organic when I find a good price. Good tip on the celery , glad you warned us 🙂

  • Basically all my favourites (yes, even celery!) are sprayed to high heaven. I’ll need to get out last years list but it sounds like it’s the same, but don’t remember the greens – kale is my all time favourite. Regarding negating the pesticides, I have a spray bottle of white vinegar that i use with a vegetable scrub brush and I trust that it’s doing the job. The only thing is that topicals don’t account for the fertilisers! But, it’s better to eat even the contaminated stuff than to not eat the produce in the first place. PS Bianca’s phone list is a great idea; I have an old school laminated crib sheet.

  • most of greens are frequently contaminate pesticide. but if they also get to fruits, I’ll be more careful when consume them 🙁
    may we always clean the fruits and vegetables completely to prevent some diseases later 🙂

  • Goodness. 🙁 I love pretty much everything on this list, but the pesticide worries me! I’ll make sure to check where I get my produce from before buying anything. Thanks for the informative post!

  • Indeed! Apples are the worst as far as sprayed on chemicals are concerned. One doctor in my country even asked us to use soap and a scrub to wash off the apple peel, before eating it!
    that being said, there are some ozone technology based purifiers, very expensive, but worth investing in-they can help remove all pesticides prior to eating or cooking veggies and fruits.
    Thanks for the list….

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