Better Candy Choices For Halloween !

Better Candy Choices For Halloween !


Are you planning to fill up the cauldron with sweet candy treats for your ” trick or treaters ” ?  I am too  *sigh* ! I suggested that we just give out bags of pretzels this year and my kids were horrified. I guess, being  kids of a ” Nutritionist Mom ” makes them extra sensitive and they don’t want their friends thinking we eat “only ” healthy ! Not that they complain when their friends like my home-made smoothies and snacks 😉 ! Anyway, we will be doing candy ( the better kind ) and some healthy treats. If you know which candy is better before you head out to buy your stash, hop on over to Sixty Second Parent and read my post called ” Get The Sweet And Hard Facts On Halloween Candy ”  Go on !! It’s a sweet post  🙂 !



Have a Safe Sweet Halloween !!

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