Health Benefits Of The Fabulous Flax ! Feed Into It !

Health Benefits Of The Fabulous Flax ! Feed Into It !

I incorporated Flax into my routine a few years back and that  is possibly one of the best practices I could have done for myself health-wise! Flax seed and Flax oil  are both super foods and I use them both in my diet regularly. There are so many benefits to it and I love flax ! To read more about some of the super benefits of flax and some practical ways to use flax seed and flax oil in your diet click here and hop on over to the D C Ladies to read my guest post titled “ Fabulous Flax ! Benefits and More ”  Tips on storage and more. Hop on over. You won’t want to miss this !

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7 thoughts on “Health Benefits Of The Fabulous Flax ! Feed Into It !”

  • I’ve had several friends spruik the importance of flax, Sunithi, although I’ve never really delved too deep into what the actual, practical benefits of it are. Seeing it all layed out in writing here has really opened my eyes and I’d be crazy not to make some adjustments to my diet based on the information you’ve provided us with! Thanks for the wonderful read!

  • very fine article about flax seed and oil. I add some points for skin. By maintaining your skin moist, flaxseed can help to prevent your skin from drying out. The moisturizing effect of flax seed can support you avoid a dull-looking skin. Dry skin is a forerunner to a wide variety of skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and signs of aging. Flax seed oil can be found in a variety of moisturizing skin care products on the market.

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