Playlist Power ! Working Out To Music Can Burn More Calories

Playlist Power ! Working Out To Music Can Burn More Calories



Working Out To Music Can Burn More Calories! Seriously? Well it has more to do with the fact that music puts you in a mood to exercise longer and motivates you to a more effective workout.  Studies have shown that listening to music during exercise can serve  as a distraction from negatives like fatigue thus intensifying a workout.  It’s not a surprise that  programs like Jazzercise,  Zumba and other similar programs are becoming very popular since they all incorporate music.  I used to be an extreme fitness buff a few years back , making sure I exercised and lifted weights everyday.  This was when I worked a more flexible schedule and had more time in the day.  Lately however, especially over the last 2 years, thanks to a hectic work schedule and a million other demands I have found it extremely difficult to workout in a regular exercise routine.  This left me carrying more pounds than I would like :)!  Lately I have been inspired by one of my friends and a fellow foodie blogger Sarah from Crispy Burnt Ends & Bits who does the Chalean everyday ! She is my exercise buddy and with her cheering me on,  I have committed myself to working out at-least 4-5 times/week.  So far I have been able to stick to this, but I must have my music.  If my android or iPod run out of charge I skip my exercise.  Seriously!  No motivation to exercise without music.  So I fully support the fact that music is the key to making people like myself exercise better and more consistently! And if you have a playlist! Even better.


Some reasons to dance or exercise to the music !!

  • Working out to your favorite playlist can help you  go on  up to 30 percent longer, thus helping you  burn more calories.
  • Music blocks fatigue,  produces feelings of vigor,  and helps you keep pace by synchronizing your movements.
  • Music can  affect brain wave patterns, meaning, more energy!
  • Music improves exercise endurance 
  • Music puts you in a more positive mood (often an outcome of working out in general),  which is also beneficial to your health.
  • If you listen to music while exercising,  your brain will probably work better too.  Check out this study ! 


What music should you dance to ?

 Fitness experts  have confirmed that pumping up the volume increases exercise endurance and performance.  Research has also discovered that particular types of music increase endurance more than other.  The ‘Run to the Beat’ London half marathon featured a number of music stations along the route, with tracks scientifically selected to help runners achieve their maximum potential.

If you’re a gym rat,  some gyms play upbeat music in the background, which you may or may not enjoy.  So instead, take your own music.  Create your own exercise mix to listen to.  The music can be used to motivate and to cue you throughout the workout.  Running on the treadmill? Use songs to set and change your pace.  You can create your playlist  so it has a slow song to warm up to, an up-tempo one for the actual workout and then another slow one for the cool down. Match the songs to the type of workout you want to participate in. If you want a list of recommended playlist by Fitness magazine, click here !



Some useful phone apps

Pandora  iPhone  and Android App : Lets you  plays music you’ll love. Just start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs or classical composers and Pandora will create a custom “station” that plays similar music. Free app.

Rhapsody to go : This is what I use. For $20.00 / yr I create my own playlists that I can play off my droid, PC or Mac.

For a list of some other useful music apps, click here ! 




What works for me ! 

I need music to work out, so I have a couple of playlists. I have a 20 minute, 30 minute and 40 minute workout playlist. I just go with songs that grab me ! I start with slow numbers like  “On my way” by Phil Collins, then faster numbers like  “I’ve been everywhere man ” by Johnny Cash and end up with numbers like ” Hey Jude ” By The Beatles ( Don’t laugh) ! I love the oldies 🙂 !  And then there are songs like ” Turn Up The Music. How You Live” by Point of Grace  that  just make me want to break into dance and live ! What am trying to say is : create a playlist that works for you !! One that will get you motivated to work out longer !  If you want a great list of post workout snacks click here !

Do you use playlists ? Do you have any favorite songs you like to workout to ? Do share ! Would love to hear from you !


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16 thoughts on “Playlist Power ! Working Out To Music Can Burn More Calories”

  • Have too many playlists & totally depend on them ! My favs : walking on broken glass by Annie Lennox , He thinks he’ll keep her by Mary Carpenter, Wake me up when you go go by WHAM I think. Guess I like the oldies too. Love I’ve been everywhere Man by Cash. It’s a fast number to get cardio going. Have that on mine too. Nice post! Sharing on my FB page !

  • WOO HOO ! I work out to Carpenters & Beatles & sometimes Rhianna …. love working out to music ! Great to hear the added benefits ! Love this ! Glad you got back to the routine. Know how tough that is & how good you must feel 🙂 You go girl ! I’ve got your back !

  • Music keeps me going strong & long ! I listen To MJ ‘ don’t stop till you get enough” & Zombie , cranberries. sometimes I just blast the radio. I love Pandora & don’t like gymn music. Use my own ! Good post ! Liked the post fitness snacks too & great to have a workout buddy. Have one too !

  • I need my music to work out too Sunithi. I have skipped out on workout before when I use to work out to my ipod. Now I have all my music on my iphone so I don’t have an excuse anymore. I’m glad to have been able to motivate you. It’s really nice to have a workout buddy to keep eachother motivated and checking on eachother. So glad to have a work out buddy like you!

  • I never really exercise without music, even if I am just running around my place. I listen to hiphop songs to keep me alive and enthusiastic while having my exercise. Music is indeed a big factor in each one’s daily exercise.

  • I agree with you listening to music while exercising helps your heart rate beat faster, helps you work out longer, and helps you push yourself harder. As a result you burn calories much faster.

  • I love working out with my playlist on the background 🙂 In general, it motivates me better and distracts me from feeling too tired and exhausted to continue, this way I am able to achieve my fitness goals and burn the right amount of calories on a daily basis. Thanks for the valuable share! Merry Christmas!

  • I actually have playlists organized according to my routes! I really helps when you’re walking or running, nothing can distract you from what you’re doing and you get to dance along with the beat. Glad to know you can burn extra calories doing so

  • Brilliant blog! I totally agree with this. I believe that when your mind is busy listening to loud music, you will seldom notice that your body is already tired. I tried it for myself and it did work. Thanks for sharing!

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