Find Out Why These Foods Are Protective Against Breast Cancer

Find Out Why These Foods Are Protective Against Breast Cancer


Breast cancer prevention features into my eating habits. I have a history of cancer in my family and a grandma who had breast cancer.  My chances of getting it are probably higher, so if I can delay it or prevent it by eating certain protective foods I will.  Natural foods seem a simple enough addition. In general, the number-one rule to start with when trying to prevent any cancer is eating a good, healthy diet with a wide variety of fruits vegetables and healthy fats. However, certain foods are specific to certain cancers. I always  read -up to  see if there is a  science behind why that food is beneficial for  that  specific disease. If it  makes sense to me, then I eat it and advocate it ! There are a few I found which seem to be quite ‘ food scientific ‘ and all of these are easy to incorporate in our diets. Here is a good  list of breast cancer protective foods.


Foods that may protect from breast cancer

Green Tea : The antioxidants in green tea protect breast cells by lowering production of estradiol. This is the a form of estrogen that can be carcinogenic when produced in large quantities.

Drink green tea, make smoothies with it, make iced tea with  it or take a supplement. You need about 3 cups of green tea daily  or a 300 mg supplement to get the benefits.

Vitamin D : Love this vitamin so much I wrote a post about it ! It just seems to be the answer to everything. It keeps  artery clogging cholesterol levels in check  and soaks into breast tissue where it get converted into a cancer fighter called calcitrol!

Good food sources  are milk, eggs, tuna, salmon, cod liver oil, yogurt, orange juice, cheese, enriched breads,enriched   cereals. The better thing to do is to pop a supplement and use the food source guide as extra insurance. Take 1000 iu of Vitamin D / day

Garlic : This potent food is packed with sulphur compounds that get into the tissues and halt the growth of abnormal cells thus slashing risk of  breast cancer. Garlic is beneficial for other cancers as well like stomach, bladder and skin cancer.

Good way to eat garlic is blended into humus or other dips. You can also crush it into soups and meat dishes. 2 cloves / day is enough to give you the protection you need. Eat some parsley after eating garlic to prevent the odor. You can also take 1,200 mg  of an odorless supplement.

FLax Seed : Another super-food that I love so much I wrote a post about it 🙂  Well, flax is loaded with protective lignans and omega 3  which help the liver break down excess estrogen. Excess estrogen is one of the causes for breast cancer cells to multiply.  While flax oil is extremely beneficial too, it does not have as much of the cancer fighting properties as flax-seed.

Eat flax-seed sprinkled over cereal, salad, soups. Bake ground flax into breads , muffins and other baked goods. You can actually cut down fat by 1/2 in a recipe when you add the flax-seed. Always eat ground flax to get maximum benefits or the whole seed will just pass through your system. You can buy ground flax or grind whole flax in a coffee mill. Click here for my yummy healthy banana bread recipe ! It has flax seed and tastes delish ! 

Cruciferous Vegetables : Broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage  and kale  are said to be highly toxic towards cancerous cells. This is because they contain cancer-fighting compounds known as indole-3-carbinol which is thought to deactivate oestrogen, and in turn, help reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Cook these veggies or eat them raw in salads. Make soups, use them in cooking and blend them up into power smoothies !


While it’s a good idea to add the good foods the best way to help decrease your risk of developing breast cancer is make choices that boost good overall health. These foods may be helpful, but the key is to really commit to living a healthy lifestyle ! Excercise, cut down smoking , alcohol and live happy 🙂 Live each day to the fullest ! 

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39 thoughts on “Find Out Why These Foods Are Protective Against Breast Cancer”

  • your post is really helpful for people with cancer problem. I agree that broccoli and cauliflower could lower the risk of breast cancer, they really are great for treat many of diseases. thanks for sharing 😀

  • Wow, I would have never known that green tea could help against breast cancer… I enjoy it quite a lot so knowing that it benefits my health as well is a great plus! Thanks for sharing

  • There are a lot of victims died because of cancer and it is really difficult to cure because there is no specific solution to fight for it. Due to the continuous search for the cure of cancer, there are other substitutes to minimize and help reduce the pain of cancer. It is most important to prevent it by educating regarding the cancer awareness, a healthy lifestyle and by visiting the doctor frequently to know health conditions and issues. It is also know that healthy foods can prevent cancer which you have discussed on this article. The benefits of these foods are also very well explained that people may help to understand the importance of it. The cancer prevention information is one of the essential factors to consider nowadays.

  • Green tea is very good in combating cancer cell and thus prevent them from growing, it is so because of the present of active polyphenol content it contain. So also is vitamin and garlic they are all good in fighting cancer cell. This is a great article, it gives all the necessary information why we should include them in our daily diets.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Antioxidants are vital for cancer prevention. We dump so many toxins into our body from daily use items – even shampoos! It’s horrible. With my sister being a breast cancer survivor I really try to make sure I’m doing all I can to prevent it for myself.

  • Green tea is incredibly smart in combating neoplastic cell and so stop them from growing, it\’s therefore owing to this of active polyphenol content it contain. therefore is also alimentation and garlic they\’re all smart in fighting neoplastic cell. this is often an excellent article, it provides all the required data why we should always embody them in our daily diets.

  • There are so many benefits to green tea and other teas for that matter. I think we will begin to see more research proving the medicinal benefits of tea and hopefully will be used as a medicine as well as prevention. I only recently started drinking tea for health but I already feel better in so many ways,

  • I expect you have actually made some absolutely appealing points. Not too many individuals would really consider this the way you simply did. I happen to be unquestionably pleased that there is so much info about this subject matter that has been revealed and you did it so well, with so much session. Thanks.

  • I think am a green tea addict but it sure is a great source of antioxidants. I also love flax seeds. I might just need to improve in my vegetable eating habits though. Nice article.

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  • I’ve heard mixed things about flax seeds. Read somewhere that it might possibly be linked to increased rates of prostate cancer. Not sure I believe it….but just in case, I think I’ll stick to fish oil instead.

  • What I surely know about what causes cancer are exposure to radiation and once a part has been hurt, like it was bumped or something. But I never thought that certain food can help prevent it, especially, breast cancer.

  • Very valuable content specially for women…As I heard, one of the reasons for breast cancer is taking so many mineral, vitamins to improve the ability of pregnancy. anyway I like such discussions relevant to health problems…Thanks.

  • I may not have the others close to my location as much as I want to but cabbage is a delicacy where I live. Salads, dressings etc makes this crunchy vegetable one to go for. Calorie content isn’t high and it packs lots of nutrients in a punch. I’ll definitely recommend this

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  • Nice food post. The above mentioned different types of food items are so healthy food, also they contained good vitamins. I hope those items are so useful to womens to improve their health.

  • Hi,
    Thanks for the helpful advice! I’m surely gonna make my wife read this article! This could save her from breast cancer! Thanks! Keep it up!

    Dravis A.

  • Skin need a number of anti oxidant and nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin, B, C, and E. Skin also need a number of mineral such as magnesium and zinc to keep its health. This ingredients is available in fruits and vegetables. Food that rich in protein is also very useful for skin health.

  • Thank you very much for sharing this very informative article. Yes its true, the number one rule to start with when trying to prevent any cancer is eating a good, healthy diet with a wide variety of fruits vegetables and healthy fats.

    One fruit that is very known in the Philippines as miraculous natural killer cancer is the soursop. Accordingly, eating this kind of fruit regularly can prevent cancer.

  • This is such a great article. One way to prevent cancer is by eating the right kind of food. You also need to incorporate fruits and vegetables in your diet.

  • This is a cool article because you explain the exact benefits of each food. Most people just end up saying certain foods are good for you, but provide no reasons as to why. Knowing the science behind the healthiness is fantastic, and something everyone should learn. Thanks for sharing!

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  • Great list – Vitamin D and green tea are very effective at preventing breast cancer, but I think pine pollen should have made it on your list. It’s not really a food, but it’s good to mix in salad dressing and other meals. Either way, I would avoid smoking, drinking and other unhealthy lifestyle choices to ensure you have the best chances.

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