Awesome Nutrition Bytes from 2011

Awesome Nutrition Bytes from 2011

I was thinking about how to close the year out and had this great DETOX post planned, but decided to postpone it to 2012. Reason being- most people including my self are still gorging on Party food. Instead I am doing a review of the year and  my popular posts, recipes as seen by my readers.


Started my blog in March of this year-  just as a way to express , nuture the inner geek in me and that is one of THE best things I have done in a long time. To read more about why I started my blog  click here. Huge Thank You to  all my loyal readers for suggesting topics and encouraging me with your comments and Blog visits. August 2011 marked an important landmark. I joined Triberr ( an innovative  blog sharing community ) and my page views went up tenfold literally – courtesy of my awesome tribe mates who shared my blog for me.  If you have a blog, want more exposure for it and have not yet joined Triberr , you should consider doing so.  September 2011 : Another landmark, my blog got enlisted into Nutrition Blog Network  and I am so grateful to them for sharing my blog through their network as well. October 2011 : My biggest landmark of all. I moved my blog from Blogger to self hosted Word Press and I have to thank Daniel Ruyter from Bloggable stuff  for giving me the push I needed and safely transferring my blog over . A decision I will never regret because I love my New Word Press Blog. November 2011 : My blog got on Facebook  and I created a fan page that has been steadily growing. A huge thank you to Solitary MamaDaddy knows Less  and  Easy Lunch Boxes  for sharing and encouraging people to follow my blog on their FB pages. Thank You guys !


Getting your kids to eat Healthy without Turning into Food Police

Wrote this post from my own experience of having 2 fussy eaters and some tips ( some sneaky ones too ) to help them eat healthy without pushing ‘ Healthy Food ‘down their throat. Got my highest page views on this post and got a mention in 2 children’s magazines . I still struggle with helping my kids and other kids eat healthy and choose healthy, but am getting there and if you want some tried and tested tips on  this topic, you might like to peek in to this post.



Nuts for Nuts ! A Cure for Chocolate

Another post where I got huge page views.  A ‘ From the Heart ‘ post about my confessions as a Chocoholic and finding a Crave Cure.  A secret magic ingredient in nuts can curb your cravings… so if you’re a chocoholic extreme like me you may want to head over and check out this post. I suspect one of the reasons I got huge page views on this post may have been the catchy title  and I have to thank BobButterBottom for helping me with this title and feedback on some others when I get stuck.


A Twist to the Alkaline Diet


Another post where I got super high page views and about 40 + comments. This is perhaps one of my favorite posts. I revamped the strict ‘ Alkaline Diet ‘ with an easy to follow practical diet plan which helps you melt off flab effortlessly. Tried and tested on yours truly 🙂  Am going back on this plan myself when the new year starts and if you want to lose weight and keep it off the healthy way, you should probably read this post.





Revamping Butter chicken into Heart Healthy Butter Chicken

Being Indian by birthand having lived there for half my life, it would make sense that I can make spicy Indian dishes like the ever popular butter chicken. Well, I revamped the recipe and actually created one that’s heart healthy and tasted just as creamy and rich. If you love this dish and are brave enough to try my healthy version which has been tested on family and friends, hop on over and read my post 🙂




WHAT’S in STORE for 2012

For starters I plan to blog more. Some months, I must confess I have posted only 4 times 🙁  ! Hoping to step that up to at least twice 0r thrice a week. I have agreed to guest post regularly on Sixty Second Parent and DC ladies . I  consider it an honor it is my  pleasure to do so. I am also opening up a section where I can get viewer feedback on Nutrition, Health topics that you want me to blog about ! Again a HUGE THANK YOU to all my blog visitors and fans. I appreciate ALL your support and feedback. Here’s to a Healthy Happy 2012 !! From My family To yours 🙂



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