Fuel Up With This Choco Banana Peanut Butter Power Smoothie

Fuel Up With This Choco Banana Peanut Butter Power Smoothie



Dream  up  a creamy, chocolate banana split sprinkled with nuts  that’s super healthy. I have it in a smoothie.  This is one of my favorite smoothies and is a HOT favorite in my home. My entire family including the kids have this for breakfast at least 3 times a week. It super easy to whip up and keeps me full and energetic for hours … at least till my stomach signals lunch.  Nutrient wise it is packed with protein, potassium and healthy fats which make it a power blaster. What better way to fuel your body  than this tasty healthy treat which is why this is a favorite breakfast smoothie of mine. You can make it  with any kind of milk : soymilk, rice milk, almond milk, lactaid etc. If you’re not a huge fan of peanut butter, substitute with walnuts or chia seeds which will give you the same healthy fat benefits. Chocolate lovers, this is for you !If you want to read my confessions as a chocoholic: check here.


Nutrition Nuts and Bolts about the key Ingredients

Almond Milk : high in Vitamin E and a good source of bone healthy calcium and Vitamin D.

Chocolate : I like to use Ovaltine, Nesquik when I  make it for the kids since they are not huge fans of dark chocolate. You can also use chocolate syrup, cocoa or a dark chocolate mix. I like Hershey’s Dark Cocoa Mix  and Endangered Species Dark Chocolate which are about 85% pure cocoa and  rich in antioxidants.

Banana : Frozen bananas are so much better for smoothies ! Next time you have those overripe bananas just peel and toss into a Ziploc and freeze for the next smoothie. Packed with potassium and other nutrients, banana was believed to be a complete food in the olden times.

Whey protein: Adds  protein without the heavy feeling you get in canned shakes. I like whey because it blends easily and is easily absorbed by the body

Flax Oil :Just half a teaspoon can add so much in terms of omega 3 and healthy fats to the shake. I use it and my kids are used to it but you may want to add just half the dose before you go full strength. It adds a creamy feel to the shake.

Stevia/ Agave nectar/ Honey : To sweeten the smoothie I use stevia since I count calories  but for the kids I use agave nectar and honey.



Choco Banana Peanut Butter Power Smoothie

Yield: 1 seving

Make the creamy, healthy, omega 3, protein packed high potassium treat with any kind of milk.


  • Almond Milk -1 cup
  • Frozen or fresh banana - 1
  • Chocolate mix or dark cocoa mix or chocolate syrup - 1- 2 tbsps or 4 pieces Dark Chocolate.
  • Whey protein - 1 tbsp
  • Peanut Butter - 1 tbsp or walnuts - 2 tbs or Chia seeds - 1 tbsp
  • Flax oil - 1 tbsp
  • Stevia - 2 tsp or 2 packets


  1. Blend together Almond milk with the frozen banana, flax oil, and chocolate mix. If using pieces of chocolate, melt them in hot water or a microwave for a few seconds before adding them.
  2. Add Whey protein, peanut butter and stevia and blend till smooth
  3. Decorate with some chocolate shavings or whip cream for the special touch and enjoy.
  4. If your'e a coffee luving person, add 1/2 tsp of instant coffee to give it a nice touch of Mocha !

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