Easy Metabolism Boosting Tips : Guest Post at the @DCLadies

Easy Metabolism Boosting Tips : Guest Post at the @DCLadies



This is a short and sweet post because the meat of my post is over at the DC Ladies. I am honored to be guest posting at this great website which personally is a great resource to me. This is my first guest post at the DC ladies , but not my last since I am joining DC ladies as a regular contributor, twice a month.Yay!!!!  This super chic women’s website was started by a mother and daughter team . How cool is that !!!! Shelley and Sarah started this  site about 2 yrs back and it had now become  one the most valuable resource sites for women and men with relevant practical topics for the everyday woman. To read about their vision and how this  ‘Mama Daughter’  team started this website, click here. If you are not already following them on FB or twitter, you may want to do so. They’re pretty awesome ! 

My guest post titled Defy Gravity With These Metabolism Boosting Tips has some easy to follow tips that will get a sluggish metabolism rolling ! As we enter each decade it just becomes harder to burn Fat ! That is universal problem, so unless you’re one of those lucky 10 % who never seems to put on weight even as they age, you may want to read this post. So hop on over to the DC Ladies and read my post on some simple easy tips to boost your metabolism 🙂

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