One Year Blogversary & My Favorite Foodie Creation

One Year Blogversary & My Favorite Foodie Creation


I was taking a little blogcation and then suddenly realized I just passed my first Blog anniversary. Have to break my blogaction for that! It’s been one year and three days from the day I started Sue’s Nutrition Buzz. I’m not quite sure why I started blogging, but I know it had something to do with me wanting to unleash some Nutrition Creativity on someone other than my family and clients 🙂  Well, here I am one year later totally satisfied with my decision to blog.  It has been an exciting year where finding time to blog has probably been my biggest challenge. Some highlights of the last year that boosted my blog include joining Twitter & Triberr, moving my blog to Word Press, getting enlisted in Nutrition blog Network, joining Pinterest and getting quite involved with social media. It seems that is the way to go if  want your  blog to grow!

 Some Stats, Facts  and Brags ( If you want to skip the brags, skip this paragraph 😉

It seems I have 60 blog posts (not much :)) and 770 comments in all. 

My first post on meat tenderizers was inspired by a simple all natural meat tenderizer I concocted which I  just wanted to share and therein started my blogging career 🙂 I had the highest number of comments on tweaked version of the alkaline diet  which got a modest 47 comments. My most popular post appears to have been “Confessions of  a Chocoholic and Finding a Crave Cure, although I do suspect the title and gooey chocolate picture had something to do with it. My most popular recipe appears to have been “Creamy Roasted Ricotta with  Peas and Tomatoes“.  Then of course, all blogs have those posts that go viral. Well mine was my ” Turn On Detox and rejuvenate “. The strange thing is that, this post went viral months after I published it due to pinterest.

In future, I plan to blog more frequently. In fact since I am participating in the A to Z  blogging challenge, April will be full month of blogging. I may skip a couple of alphabets if I don’t get inspired but I ‘m going to try the whole alphabet.  I am also joining  Foodie Chats and D C ladies as a regular contributor to their blogs April on.

Huge thank you, all my loyal readers! The reason my blog exists is because of you. Please continue to give me suggestions and feedback. A huge thank you to my family who put up with me burning the midnight oil and blogging at odd hours of the night.  Thanks to ALL my blog buddies who inspire me to write and whose blogs I love to stalk. I will be creating a blog roll of my favorite blogs and if you have some blog read time, you must check them out!! My blogroll will be up within a week.

Now my favorite recipe creation 🙂 : My first blog post featured it, a simple meat tenderizer made of raw green papaya  and some spices that I absolutely cannot do without. It turns tough meat into tender. Since this is a birthday and a special occasion, I created a new musical recipe card for it. Well, here it is: My digital musical recipe card for the best meat tenderizer in the world 🙂 You have to click on the button to watch it in action.



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